About the artist

Caroline Bowen is a 27 year old artist living in Louisville, Tennessee, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. After spending her first three years as an art major, she became interested in meteorology after a close encounter with the April 27, 2011, Superstorm, and while enrolled in college algebra that fall, declared a physics major in order to pursue a master’s in meteorology despite never having taken a physics class before. The process of deriving concepts through drawing was central to her learning process right out of the gate, and in spring 2013, she used an open-ended assignment in a math+art graphic design class as an opportunity to gain some intuition into topics from her Calculus III class through sculpture. She has been designing math and physics visual aids ever since. Having finally graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in December 2016 with a double major in math and academic physics with a minor in studio art, she is now able to devote herself more fully to studying and bringing her designs to life when she’s not playing game warden in the woods or at her day job reloading test fire ammo at the family gunsmith shop. In her spare time, she enjoys playing game warden, NPR, collecting fountain pens and textbooks, and her cat, Niels Bohr. She is still a big weather nerd.